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Pretentious Twaddle (1)


Jonathan Milne, Editor of the The Sanctimonious Silly Tabloid, opens his piece in today’s edition, as part of the MSM campaign for the meaningless Red Peak flag design, which is grandiosely entitled

Flag is the inkblot test of nationhood

I see, in Red Peak, our nation’s athleticism combined with intellect and human warmth in one svelte bicultural package

Unbelievable rubbish. He the follows that with this further vomit inducing garbage

But then, that’s probably because I’ve just seen netballer-turned-sportscaster Jenny-May Coffin reading the news in a dress that looks an awful lot like it’s been stitched together out of this country’s popular preference for a new flag.

Now Graeme Lowe was vilified for calling one Jacinda Ardern a ‘pretty little thing’, but apparently Mr Milne, as a card carrying member of the chatterati, will be praised for his comments and not mocked or abused for describing Jenny-May Coffin as he did. One rule for the MSM and their fellow traveller and one rule for the rest of us. Incidentally to describe Red Peak as this countrty’s popular preference is drawing a very longbow indeed. The fact it attracted some 50,000 “likes’ on Facebook might mean it is beloved of the Facebook and Twittersphere echo chambers. It does not mean it is the popular preference.

Is Adam the only one he finds the cultural imperialism of the media in this matter immensely disturbing?

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