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More twaddle from the MSM


In a recent article veteran journalist Vernon Small wrote on the ascension of the PLT to sainthood this gem stood out:-

The Auckland MP’s rising in the public mind as a future prime minster is all the more remarkable because she has never been overtly ambitious for the leadership.

OMG she never wanted it, greatness has been thrust upon her. PLT is merely responding to the demands of the people. Oh pull the other one. Ms Ardern has been marketed as the next big thing by the MSM in the last little while. The media are so infected with KDS that they are intent on achieving regime change. The groupmind of the MSM see PLT as the means to toppling Key. Indeed the MSM are behaving much like the Ood in Dr Who.This refers:

Under normal circumstances the Ood were benign and harmless creatures. However, due to their brain structure they were susceptible to manipulation, as demonstrated by how easily the race was enslaved by Ood Operations. (TV: Planet of the Ood) More worryingly, their passive telepathy allowed them to be easily controlled and/or possessed by more powerful telepathic entities, such as the Beast (TV: The Impossible Planet) and House. (TV: The Doctor’s Wife)

The similarity to NZ media is remarkable. One might think that the NZ media are the Ood come to life.

Interestingly enough Fairfax chose to run this article by Small, entitled ‘Much more than a pretty little thing, accompanied by this picture:


Clearly a serious contender!!

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