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Quotation for Today – Monday 28 September 2015


In a column at the UK Daily Telegraph Dan Hodges discusses some of the factors around the challenges facing UK Labour. In many ways they mirror NZ.

These words resonated:-

Whether Labour’s saviour emerges from the Left or from the Right, they have to be someone who can look to, and own, the future. Unilateralism. Mass re-nationalization. Turbo-Keynesianism. In the second decade of the 21st century these are the policy equivalent of the rocks at Stonehenge. They will attract attention, even admiration. But they no longer serve any practical purpose – if they ever did. Those Left-wing critics who point to New Labour’s failure to adapt to changing political realities are correct. But if the Left genuinely wishes to be more than a legend in its own lunch-time it too is going to have to start to challenge its own orthodoxies.

Similarly Labour here needs to face up to similar issues – e.g. Charter Schools, Foreign Investment, Free Trade

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