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The flag referendum -Part 2


In Adam’s prior post on this matter he referred to Audrey Young’s NZ Herald piece. It was extremely interesting to read many of the comments from readers. Like any item even mildly supportive of Key and/or the government the comments were largely of the that vocal minority suffering from Key Derangement Syndrome. Many of the comments attacked Ms Young as well.

Comments were such as these examples:-

1 What a pathetic summing up. The author must feel that this grown man needs a strong woman to defend him. It’s the sort of justification note teachers received in ancient times from over possessive mothers.

2 No you are wrong. He is a loser and a failure. The country is 80 billion in debt. Kids are living in cars. He has sold our best assets to his rich mates. He sold us out with the tppa. Our farmers are about to go to the wall. But wait now he’s on holiday

3 Key is happy to parade around all smarmy saying that the flag referendum process was wonderfully democratic and that it was an excellent exercise in “Nation-Building”.

Key is also happy to parade around in secret behind New Zealander’s backs negotiating a secret “trade deal” that threatens the very future of our Nation and sells us out to corporate and american greed, then arranges to have it signed in a gambling parlour. If the TPPA ever gets through Key will have completely destroyed our Nation. He has already completely destroyed his own credibility, many times over.

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