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Shewan spanks Campbell, skewers Little


Last night on Checkpoint, a ‘journalist’ , name of Campbell interviewed John Shewan the man tapped by the government to look at aspects of our trust regime. Campbell was focused on assertions by the current leader of the Labour opposition, somebody called Little, that Mr Shewan had advised the Bahamas on how to be more of a tax haven. Very patiently and dispassionately Mr Shewan comprehensively rebutted the allegations; however Campbell being Campbell it was clear that he did not necessarily accept what he had been told. In the rebuttal Mr Shewan demolished, in a very comprehensive fashion, the allegations made by Andrew Little under Parliamentary Privilege.

You can listen to the interview here.

Campbell, again demonstrates his prejudice and bias. He and Little have no compunction about traducing the reputation of a decent man.

This lack of understanding, to be charitable, then leads to the filth displayed on various left wing blogs and at certain so called ‘newspaper’ threads.

Disclosure: Adam has known John Shewan for several decades. He is a man of absolute integrity. Adam and John have not agreed at times, but Adam has no doubt of his integrity and standards. At no time has Adam communicated with John Shewan over this post.


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