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Meanwhile in a parallel universe

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It is 2040 and a child is undertaking a history project for their civics class at the Grant Robertson Memorial High School No 5 in Ardernland.

Child to parent: Parent ( of no especial gender) please explain to me what is a union?

Parent to child (of no known sperm donor) it was a construct of it’s time back in the 19th century, but by 2016 it had outlived any usefulness. It used to be a grouping of workers who sought to improve their lot, in a time when many employers were oppressive.In 2016 they were finally extinct due to the stupidity of a dinosaur called Andrew Little.

Child: But parent what was a dinosaur?

Parent: A form of life previously thought extinct, but proving that reincarnation is possible, miraculously revived for a limited period in the Helengradcene era , 2008 to 2017.Fortunately it spontaneously combusted whilst shouting angrily at everyone in the street.

Child: Why was the dinosaur shouting in the street?

Parent: It thought it was the leader of a political party and that barking at cars was an important part of that role.

Child: So what happened?

Parent: The blessed Gracinda, the one true leader, arranged for the dinosaur to be euthanised. Since then the Blessed Gracinda and the one true Key , now Max the hereditary leader, have ruled Ardernland.

Child: But who was Grant Robertson?

Parent: Hush child, we must not recollect the era of Alf and the trolleybus on pain of exile to Oztralia and the State of Turnbull!


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