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Is ANZAC dead?


Is ANZAC dead? Adam asks this question, given this item from the UK Daily Telegraph:

Theresa May has said that Australia will be one of the first countries that Britain will look to for a future free trade deal as she hailed the “long-standing ties” between the two nations.

Speaking after a bi-lateral meeting Mrs May said: “It is a historic decision for British people. It will be a complex and challenging process leaving the European Union.

“But I’m very clear that it doesn’t mean that we are going to be inward-looking. In fact, we want to be even more outward-looking around the whole of the world. And obviously, Australia, with our longstanding ties and our close relationship, will be one of the first countries will be looking to.”

Mr Turnbull said that Britain and Australia are “great friends” as he pledged to provide “all the support and assistance that we can” with Brexit.

He said: “Britain’s made a very momentous and historic choice to leave the European Union and we have already been engaged in discussions with you about what the free trade arrangements may look like after that.

“Australia is determined to provide Britain with all the support and assistance that we can. We are such great friends, such strong allies. (There) couldn’t be two countries with closer bonds.”

So according to Turnbull, Australia is closer with Britain than any other country. So much for mateship, CER and ANZAC.

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