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Bile spews again at DomPost


It is clear that for some columnists at Fairfax their attacks of KDS continue. For example, in my opinion, the column of commentary on the current issues in politics penned by Jane Bowron.  Ms Bowron’s bile and hatred of John Key and National imbues the entire 900 word (approximately)column. Clearly her KDS attack is longlasting.

These two paragraphs, after the obligatory denigration of Trump convey the flavour:-

Obama, who still fronts old-school press conferences (how quaint), looks like he’s aged fifty years in fifty days since the election. Golf with John Key in Hawaii will be on his happy horizon as he limps to the finish line in need of a couple of beers at the nineteenth hole, and some advice from the Kiwi trader.

Post the GFC, after Obama bailed out the banks, the president divulged that his second choice of career was venture capitalism. One imagines the former leaders mapping out their glory days ahead on the lecture circuit, with Key along as Obama’s side-kick, and Key in return giving lessons on trading. (As a special treat he may even let Obama view his secret drawer of stolen pony tails. Just joking)

The disparaging of Key denigrates both the man and the office. Then later she remarks after referring to the recent earthquake:-

Shrugger Key was such an expert at making light of disasters, the Minister for Cup Cakes and Pretty Rainbows is a hard act to follow selling pure positivity.

The ‘article’ really does not address the issues, but appears to be a cover for a broadside against Trump, Key, English and National. Bowron fails to address the many of the factors impacting the causes of the issues.

Of course the line followed by Bowron is in line with the constant negatives re Key and National in other columns and in the paper’s editorial position.


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