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Just don’t go there

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Given the approach being taken by Trump on trade and travel, perhaps we should adopt some measures of our own:-

1 Do not visit USA

2 Avoid US goods and services, eg Apple products, films, software upgrades, computers, insurance companies owned from USA, bourbon, food products owned by USA companies

3 Make NZ less welcoming to US immigrants – make US visitors apply for visas

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  1. Paranormal permalink
    03/02/2017 06:25

    Why don’t we go even further?

    Avoid any contact with the USA – Don’t use drugs from the USA, no music, television or other culture from the USA, start spelling with traditional English for a change (gaol?), no computers at all designed or programmed in the USA, and avoid employers based in the USA.

    That will all work out well won’t it? At least I’ll have plenty of time on my hands without my high paying employment.


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