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An influential Kiwi!


The other day Adam became aware, via Kiwiblog, that corporate leader and Kiwi Chris Liddell had been appointed to a role in the Trump White House.

Reading the Washington Post it became apparent that the role is potentially very influential given Liddell is reporting directly to Stephen Bannon.

Then this item in The Daily Beast, which noted:-

There’s a new center of influence that’s quietly being built in the White House—and answers to two of President Donald J. Trump’s most influential, most controversial advisers. Counselor to the president Steve Bannon, and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner—arguably the top two aides to Trump—have set up a brand-new body called the Strategic Initiatives Group, an internal White House think tank that answers to them, as well as to Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, a senior administration official tells The Daily Beast.

The article goes on to say:-

The creation of the new body presents the possibility of three-way intramural wrestling for the president’s ear, between Bannon’s campaign-derived inner circle, Flynn’s fiercely loyal and mostly military NSC, and Vice President Mike Pence’s dyed-in-the-wool traditional GOP contingent.


The Strategic Initiatives Group is run by assistant to the president Christopher Liddell,

Media comment in the US suggests this new group will have a key role in the Trump White House.










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