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Meanwhile in Toytown

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the newly installed mayor dictator , Mr Tangerine Man has been very busy. Amongst other things he signed a decree stopping people from Sandtown coming to Toytown. You can imagine his annoyance when he heard that an official from Coffeetown  a distant suburb of Toytown -, appointed by Mayor Dubbya, one of Mr TM’s predecessors, had stopped Toytown border warders from enforcing decree. Mt TM went into a meltdown and took to Cheeper to chirp his rage. He said the Coffeetown was not a real official, but a ‘so called one’ . Thus the alt fact populated the alt universe of Toytown. Meanwhile in the ToyTown Townhall basement Svengali continued to plot ways in whih he could achieve his aims of blowing up the status quo. Tune in soon for another episode in Moments of Despair, brought to you by Ivanka News.



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