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Trump seeks to muzzle media


Much as Adam finds many media outlets inadequate, he considers suppression of free speech and views extremely abhorrent.

Trump not content with railing against the US media at every opportunity now seeks to exclude media who fail to report him favourably from White Hose briefing.

As New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet declared that “nothing like this has ever happened at the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties.”

This is yet another example of his regime acting in a non democratic fashion. No wonder he admires Putin.

This happened after Bannon and Priebus put on a show of brotherly live at CPAC. See Adam’s post with video of the  of the event.

As noted by the Washington Post:-

Reince Priebus and Stephen K. Bannon sang “Kumbaya” at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday and probably succeeded in convincing most observers that President Trump’s chief of staff and his chief strategist don’t hate each other’s guts. But don’t confuse congeniality with consensus.

The article continued:-

It was glaringly obvious that when it comes to their views of the media, Priebus is mainstream and Bannon is extreme. It was also obvious that Bannon’s view is the one Trump subscribes to.

Indeed Bannon appears to have an extraordinarily negative view of the media.

Bannon framed the Trump-media dynamic as a fight for control of the country. He told Trump supporters that the media is not “going to give you your country back without a fight,” suggesting that the press currently does control the country and must be overthrown.

Bannon went further, claiming that the media will fight against Trump “as economic conditions get better, as more jobs get better.” Translation: The media is your enemy, people. Journalists don’t want your lives to improve.

Bannon’s baleful influence on Trump and the regime is disturbing.

The stifling of information flow except to organizations that will accept the briefing uncritically is unacceptable. Goebbels would be proud.



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