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Fake News


Fake News has probably been with us from time immemorial in that in the form of spin people have tried forever to put the most advantageous interpretation on events.

What we are seeing now, in the current manifestation of the tactic, is in some instances the use of media especially social media to disseminate blatant misinformation. In fact let us be honest the promulgation of lies to stop the use of euphemisms such as spin, alternative facts etc.

However, Donald Trump is using the term in his relentless attacks on free speech to term any reports, especially in the MSM, which do not accord him the fawning approval he demands for himself and his regime as Fake News. Using Trump’s definition if you do not report approvingly then you are lying. This is the approach of a despotic ruler not that of a democrat. He is backed up by key members of his entourage. There is a strong parallel to Nazi Germany in this situation. Hopefully, Adam is wrong in that thought, but the portents are there.


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