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Seems familiar


SIR – Labour suffered electoral catastrophe at Copeland. A once great party has became totally disconnected from its core voters.

The Labour leader has previously shown support for the IRA and Hamas, opposes the British military, is anti-American and seemingly republican. His party is obsessed with race, diversity, human rights, LGBT and feminism, in the manner of a students’ union. Its leadership, rooted in the past, lacks the intellectual firepower to take on the really big issues of the NHS, Brexit, social care and a post-industrial economy.

The capture of many local parties by Momentum will mean a drift towards extreme views. This is combined with a hostility to anyone not supporting such views. To question them is to be called racist, homophobic Tory scum.

The average voter is disgusted and quietly angered by all this and has come to the view that Labour has lost the plot. There’s no sign of a way back.

Martyn Thomas

London SE27

The above is a letter written to the UK Telegraph, but in many ways it sets out the problems faced Labour in NZ> Simply swapping Annette King for Jacinda Ardern will not solve the problem. Like Corbyn, Little is a deeply uninsoiring man whose solutions are a return to the tired nostrums of the past.

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