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The Ardern challenge


What challenge you ask?

The one being mounted by Jacinda at the present to Angry Andrew. Through surrogates, primarily in the media, Ms Ardern is mounting a very strong challenge to Little and Annette King on the back of her win in Mt Albert. She is leveraging her uncontested win in a safe electorate Labour seat into a strong challenge to Little, all the while simperingly saying she will do only what the party asks; whilst manipulating all concerned to ask for fillet of Ardern and two portions of fries with that.

So far Adam has seen Ardern pushed by:-

  • Duncan Garner and the commentators on TV3
  • Tracy Watkins at Fairfax
  • Chris Trotter

He has read other bloggers who have also noted other media pushing Ardern.

The advantage of this Ardern challenge to Ardern is that she disclaims all involvement, but is the only beneficiary win or lose. If Little does not dump King, Ardrn has lost nothing and gained more profile. If he does dump King, Ardern ascends to the role of Deputy and is positioned to succeed Little when he falls.

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