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Ardern Adulation Society in full cry


Rather like a pack of braying hounds the NZ media, aka the Ardern Adulation S0ciety is in full cry over the likelihood of Jacinda Ardern becoming Labour’s Deputy Leader.

To read many of the articles it is as if the Messiah is now amongst us. The superlatives applied to Ardern are in a number of instances downright silly; whilst some of the reasons advanced for her promotion seem to bear more resemblance to optimistic wishes rather than verifiable fact.Other aspects of the rational are spin at best and represent polishing the facts vigorously to put them in the best possible light. Indeed in some instances the interpretations would make Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer proud – they are manifestly alternative facts.

The bias of many of the reporters (or Labour cheerleaders) is clearly on display.

A small selection:-

Patrick Gower – says the appointment “is the best leadership move I’ve seen Labour make. It is so good I actually thought it would never happen”

Bryce Edwards – The new leadership combination also signals that Labour has been through major rejuvenation, and that the Helen Clarks days are finally over. The frontbench and leadership now looks entirely different from the last Labour government and more future-oriented

Vernon Small gushed -in Ardern’s case the advantages have been widely canvassed. There’s her youth, the fact that she brings an Auckland face to a leadership dominated by Wellington-based MPs and that even businesses rate her. At the same time she preserves the gender balance in Labour’s leadership team and she is a smiling foil to the dour “angry Andy” title National are busy draping around her leader’s neck.

Claire Trevett – What Ardern does have is what Little needs now: she is an electable asset.

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