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MSM change leadership of NZ Labour


The concerted push by the MSM to  push Annette King out and anoint Jacinda Ardern has worked. King has said she is standing down and hopes Ardern will succeed her. Yet only yesterday King was professing her desire to stay.

So on the back of winning, in a by-election in a safe Labour seat and only a plurality of the vote in an election where only 23% of potential voters turned out, Ardern has been propelled by media promotion and/or she  manipulated her advancement.

It remains to be seen if this improves Labour’s positioning.

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  1. Allan permalink
    01/03/2017 12:18

    If Adern is the answer it must have been a dreadful question. She has never had a real job, never actually worked in the business world or experienced what it is like to have to make a profit and work hard in order earn a living. In actual fact she has been surrounded by socialist sychophants all of her working life. Her life experience I believe from school to University, then the big OE working in a Socialist Organisation in the UK and from there back to NZ only to be gifted a high list position on the Labour list and into Parliament. Since then she has been totally uninspiring in her performance with inane comments and statements and towing the party line any time that she has been asked any questions which shows she is as shallow as a child’s paddling pool. I feel that she has been placed in this position because she will be a piece of eye candy on the Labour election hoardings in order to counteract Angry Andrew’s scowling face and not because of her experience and ability. I for one have much more trust in those who have actually experienced life outside the cocooned walls of Government and actually realise that money is not produced by the fairies at the bottom of the garden.


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