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Garner has lost any credibility


Duncan Garner is pushing Jacinda Ardern hard as the saviour of Labour. Earlier last week he was promoting her on his morning show on TV3. Yesterday his Dominion Post column was a paean to Ardern setting out all the reasons he thinks she walks on water.

He spun a fantasy of Ardern’s political superstardom from nothing more than what it would appear is a desire for a change in government. Indeed an uncharitable reader might classify the piece as fake news. The major plank in Garner’s argument was to cite all Ardern’s negatives and then claim that was made her a superstar. He went so far as to compare Ardern to Trump and John Key; indeed he suggested they were all exemplars of a similar type of politician. Totally bizarre.

His opening sentences state the truth, but then he draws the opposite conclusion

I’ve never been a believer in “circuit breakers” or “silver bullets” in politics.

But perhaps Jacinda Ardern comes close. Perhaps.

Not because she’s a policy heavyweight and not because she’s destroyed a conga line of National Cabinet ministers.

She hasn’t. She’s hardly laid a finger on any of them. And Bill English is right – she is untested at the top

Garner then concludes this makes Ardern the Almighty’s gift to socialism. It will snow in Calcutta before this fantasy achieves reality. Unless of course, NZ voters really are stupid as the MSM and Labour assume they are.

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