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David Cohen is not a member of the AAS


David Cohen at NBR has written a rather acerbic article on the anointing of Ardern as the new Labour Messiah It is behind the paywall, but well worth reading.

This extract conveys some of the flavour, but you really need to read the full piece. Cohen not only skewers Ardern he deals to media c0lleagues and their bias for Ardern. He cites examples of when the media have interpreted events with a blatantly one -eyed view at best.

This sample details an occasion when Ardern and Cohen shared a platform.

As the evening wore on, it became increasingly puzzling why the thoroughly middle-class daughter of a police officer, who grew up in an enviably stable rural household and enjoyed every conceivable advantage in life, was doing there.

Alas, when I hinted as much, the Labour MP went into pout-mode with much bluster about the time she had spent in England getting down with the kids and how I was just an old “right-wing” gumboot.

Mind you, it’s entirely possible that I had misread the name of the event and that what was under discussion was not life on the margins but life in the media – something the new deputy leader assuredly knows a thing or two about.

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