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King ‘praises’ Ardern


Talk about damming with faint praise as the old saying goes.

NBR reports on Ardern’s ascension to the deputy’s throne and includes this ‘ringing’ endorsement from Annette King who was supplanted by Ardern.

.“I have watched her political career blossom since she became an MP in 2008 and mentored her when she needed help. After her emphatic victory in Mt Albert, she’s well and truly ready to step up,” Ms King said.

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A careful consideration of King’s reported endorsement leads one, if so minded to infer the following:-

1.  Ardern’s career was not much prior to becoming an MP, despite her vaunted achievement of heading the youth wing of Socialist International

2. She has needed Aunty Annette’s sage advice and guidance to get where she is and now the training wheels can come off.

3. Her emphatic win = finally, at last she manages to win an electorate that even Andrew Little should be capable of being elected in.

Mrs King does not appear to be other than a notional member of the Ardern Adulation Society – Labour Caucus Branch.

As time goes by cracks appear in the facade of support for fish and chip shop worker.



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