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The vanished Easter Egg


On Easter Eggs and their disappearance, from the UK Telegraph, where in England & Wales Cadbury has been roundly criticised for removing the word Easter from the traditional Easter Egg Hunt it has sponsored at various National Trust properties

SIR – The other day my husband and I took our two grandchildren to Croome Court, a National Trust property, for the greatly advertised Cadbury Egg Hunt. This cost £3 extra for each child on top of our annual membership fee.

We had a really good time searching for and solving all the clues. However, when the children handed in their answers, they were given three minuscule chocolate rabbits each.

They were very disappointed, having been told that it was an “egg hunt”. The National Trust has not only deleted Easter from the hunt – but also the eggs.

Pam Brown
Colwall, Worcestershire


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