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Tracy might be confused


In her Dominion Post article today Tracy Watkins opens with:-

Theresa May is copping it in Britain for announcing an early election, after previously ruling it out with such steely certainty.

You can understand why British voters and the media might feel like they’ve been led up the garden path.

As Adam suspected her reference was to The Guardian. The Guardian has some very good articles, but and a big but a number of their columnists have lost the plot over the UK election. This may mean a localised outbreak of May Derangement Syndrome, a recent variant of KDS. Scientists speculate that it is transmitted by left wing journalists interviewing their keyboards and accessing left wing articles.

Yet from The Guardian come these, for Tracy, inconvenient facts:-

Voters don’t seem to mind being made to endure another campaign less than a year after the EU referendum and two years after the last general election

Polls this week have shown the Conservative lead going up, and a Guardian/ICM survey found a majority of people saying May was right to change her mind and call a snap election.


Contrary to the commentariat and their NZ parrots, the Guardian’s own survey is reported as :-

ICM has carried out a snap poll today (pdf) on the general election announcement. The state of the party figures are very good for the Conservatives, although that is not particularly surprising because other recent polls have produced similar results.

What is potentially more significant is that the poll shows strong support for Theresa May’s decision to call an early election. Voters accept her argument for doing a U-turn on an early election, and do not seem to mind being dragged to the polls only two years after the last general election.

Note as well the comment re Tory vote

Here are the key figures.

Conservatives: 46% (up 2 from Guardian/ICM over the weekend)

Labour: 25% (down 1)

Lib Dems: 11% (up 1)

Ukip: 8% (down 3)

Greens: 4% (no change)

Conservative lead: 21 points (up 3)

Perhaps Tracy read an earlier version of The Guardian web-site!!

NZ MSM comment on UK and US elections should not be taken very seriously.



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