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The Saturday Rant – 22/04/2017


Back, after a long hiatus, and all being well to stay if sufficient material presents itself. Given this is election year, probably not a problem. (This rant delayed by 24 hours.)

1 Are young Kiwis really stupid?

This morning Adam went to a very good Petone based food supplier. The staff were welcoming and the selection excellent. Yet the experience was marred by the inability of the staff member who served him to actually listen to the customer. Each time Adam selected his item his question to the server was “What is the weight?’. Each time the response was the price. If the price was my concern that would have been my question, my enquiry was to understand the quantity on offer.

Either the staffer was hard of hearing, alternatively despite being apparently a Kiwi she was a foreigner or she was stupid. I suspect the third option.

2 Why are SUV drivers such appalling parkers and just plain inconsiderate

Everywhere we go the parking space Adam’s car is in, is encroached on by people driving SUV’s. Why do so many SUV drivers have so little regard for other drivers?

Why do so many SUV drivers park in disabled parking spaces, when they are not in fact disabled?

3 Why do we tolerate the mediocre pap which passes for journalism in NZ

Elsewhere media fact check their assertions. Yet in NZ this does not seem to happen. Witness the slavish repetition of Hagar’s latest allegations. There was no questioning at the outset, just a mindless acceptance of God Nicky’s newest fantasy.

For many years Adam purchased a paper each day, often 2, but now the rubbish published by the Herald and Dominion means this is not required. Plus the bias they exhibit every day. These papers are not missed, there is a plethora of reputable alternatives, especially if your focus is international.



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