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The nub of the problem


A commenter at the Washington Post, wrote in regard to various comments on a thread relating to Islamophobia

Muslims need to evolve. Staying in the same place, with the same rules and mindset and values has gotten them nowhere in their homeland. And yet, here they are, all over the world, doing the same damn things. Isn’t that the definition of insanity…repeating the same things and expecting different results?

Far, far too many Muslims flee their homelands because of war, poor economies, persecution yet on arrival in places of refuge immediately seek to recreate the circumstances that gave rise to their flight in the first place. Many furthermore demonstrate they have closed minds and live in a remote past which bears nor relation to reality.

By their behaviours many show they have no respect for the generosity of those countries providing refuge. Consequently deep resentment grows amongst the hosts.

It is the success of The Enlightenment, followed by the Industrial Revolution evolving into the West’s generally tolerant society that has meant in many respects that we are ill prepared to face intolerance and desire for cultural oppression evinced by so many immigrants, especially those of the Islamic faith.

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