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Donald’s Report Card


This comment by a Washington Post reader on Trump’s 100Days is rather amusing:-

Aunt Bea the Plumber
9:41 AM GMT+1200 [Edited]
  Dear Mr.s Trump
This is your Donald’s interim 100 Day Progress Report. We don’t normally issue these but your Donald demanded it and, as you probably know, if he doesn’t get what he wants instantly, he, well, actually he forgets about it and knocks over the other children’s lego project. But that’s another story.


Your Donald says things that are, frankly, weird. Perhaps you can tell us what JINA and BIGLY mean. We would be grateful.


Again, your Donald is challenged by such questions as “which is larger”. He claims that whatever he has is largest and the rest can”‘go f’k themselves”.


Your Donald has no memory of anything that has actually occured. He does, however, have incredibly detailed “memories” of things which have never existed or occured. Do you know who these people are : The Two Corinthians? We would be grateful if you could tell us.


Donald is very good at being very kind and praising of himself. That’s about it. He does not shake hands, although he does grab at the girls in inappropriate ways. Except for little Elizabeth Warren. For some reason, he is terrified of her.


Your boy Donald is a fine specimen. Of what, we have yet to determine.

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