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Alcohol Authority warns police and medics


For once officialdom sees sense. A government body warns the wowsers in the Wellington Police and their equally wowserish mates in the health community, that they do not make the law and to stop trying to enforce their opinions rather than the law. Long overdue. Wish others did the same.

What surprised Adam is that Radio NZ reported this.

Police and health officials have been told to stop challenging liquor licensing applications just because they failed to negotiate earlier closing times for Wellington’s bars.

The Deputy Mayor made this point:-

Deputy mayor Paul Eagle said the council had consistently made it clear to the police and the Medical Officer of Health that only it can set such hours.

“What’s been disappointing is the police seem to be encroaching into a role that is not theirs, and what we’d like to remind them is that is the role of the DLC,” he said.

“We’ve been clear with the police and other stakeholders that if you want a change in the default hours, you will need to provide evidence.”

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