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The Donald in his own words (6)


From an interesting article in The Atlantic  In this piece by David Graham he notes:-

In a pair of interviews published Thursday, the president not only demonstrates his ignorance of policy issues but boasts of shutting out critical views.

An example given by Graham is an extract from The Economist’s interview with Trump. In it Trump shows his ignorance and woeful lack of fitness to be elected dogcatcher, let alone President

“We are all Keynesians now,” Richard Nixon famously remarked, but only Donald Trump could have convinced himself that he is Keynes. Consider this exchange from an interview with The Economist published Thursday:

You understand the expression “prime the pump”?

We have to prime the pump.

It’s very Keynesian.
We’re the highest-taxed nation in the world. Have you heard that expression before, for this particular type of an event?

Priming the pump?
Yeah, have you heard it?

Have you heard that expression used before? Because I haven’t heard it. I mean, I just…I came up with it a couple of days ago and I thought it was good. It’s what you have to do.

Yeah, what you have to do is you have to put something in before you can get something out.

As a million Twitter wags immediately pointed out, Trump hadn’t invented the phrase. It is, as The Economist’s editors suggested, usually associated with John Maynard Keynes’s theories.

Trump seems to think he coined the phrase. The man is delusional.

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