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Manchester – the atrocity (1)


The horror of Manchester – no real comment needed, an account of one experience

The blast blew Kim Dick through the air. Slowly regaining her senses after the bomb detonated just behind her, blood everywhere, she saw a traumatised teenager alone and in need of help.

Children were screaming and the Manchester Arena foyer was filled with the smell of burning flesh. However, in one of many acts of kindness to emerge yesterday Mrs Dick put the search for her own family on hold to comfort a 14-year-old girl she found bloodied and broken.

She was searching frantically for her daughter and granddaughter when she came across the girl, bleeding from shrapnel wounds. While her husband, Phil, searched through the dead bodies for their family, Mrs Dick, 54, from Bradford, refused to leave the teenager’s side and tended her wounds for an hour until the paramedics arrived.

“Her long blond hair was shrivelled up, singed. A plastic bag had melted in her hair,” Mrs Dick said. “Blood was coming out of her mouth. I said ‘the girls, the girls!’ and Phil said he would look for Sasha and Tamla and I would look after this little girl. I grabbed her and she was a puppet. Her eyes were staring up and her little arms were broken.

“I saw a body in half, there was so much blood.

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