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Comment for today -25/05/2017


From an interesting piece in The Washington Post comparing and contrasting, in particular their views on trade, Kennedy and Trump. Apparently it is 100 years since Kennedy’s birth.

Born in 1917, the year that America’s entrance into World War I confirmed its global rise, and a veteran of World War II, Kennedy was steeped in the lessons of U.S. experience abroad before his presidency. If anyone epitomized the foreign policy establishment that arose in the mid-20th century, and that Trump seeks to delegitimize, it was JFK.

Kennedy’s vision, though inspiring, did not adequately account for the costs, in domestic political sustainability, of any “long twilight struggle,” especially any that “asked” Americans from places like Westmoreland County to sacrifice in places such as Vietnam and Iraq. Trump, in that sense, is not only a cause of American grievance but a symptom.

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