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Manchester – Hard Left target Theresa May


Predictably following the Manchester atrocity we see the emergence of deluded Hard Left fantasies such as this:-

after Monday night’s appalling events, there are those who seek to point the finger of blame at the government, at our security services – not just for the alleged crime of making political capital out of the massacre of innocents at the Manchester Arena, but who imply that the crime itself may have been committed by the Establishment.

Samples include:-

First we had Debbie Hicks, the vice chair of Stroud Labour Party and a former candidate, writing on Facebook that the bomb was “wonderful timing for Theresa May.”

And then Jack Murray

Who is Jack Murray, I hear you ask? He’s the son of Andrew Murray, who happens to be running Labour’s general election campaign at the moment…..

Murray wrote

“… who’s responsible for [the attack] will probably remain unclear for many years to come,” young Jack wrote on a Facebook post, ignoring the fact that the actual culprit was identified within hours while deliberately implying that the security forces had an interest in covering up the identity of the true villains.

Amongst the articles conclusions:

This is how the hard Left lose – they blame other people. Note that hours after a horrific attack on young girls enjoying a pop concert, in the midst of a nation’s grief for the loss of children and their parents, note where Murray’s and Hicks’s anger is directed: not at the perpetrators, but at Theresa May.

We see similar here in NZ  – NZ Labour and UK Labour are alarmingly similar. Under Corbyn the UK Labour Party has become very soft on terrorism and more inclined to blame the victims than the callous thugs perpetrating these monstrous crimes.


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