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Comment of Today – 28/05/2017


From a thread at Sunday Telegraph related to Corbyn’s terrorism stance, especially the IRA

Gayle Loveland 28 May 2017 3:52PM

 ….How about inviting to TEA in the Commons a convicted IRA terrorist only two weeks after the Brighton bombing (similar to inviting a member of ISIL to tea two weeks post-Manchester)? OR….How about calling for a “minute of silence” to “HONOUR” an IRA terrorist who was killed by British troops while in the act of blowing up a (fully occupied) police station? OR…How about sharing a platform and identifying as his “friend” a member of Hamas, who was personally responsible for the death of over 100 Israelis (including 24 children)?….

—This is but a TINY example out of many I could have chosen….The fact that you would close your eyes–and mind–to the actions of this evil, utterly misguided man, says far more about the gullibility– and willful ignorance–of the followers of Corbyn than any further “examples” I could provide ever would…

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