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The BA Computer Failure (2)

May 31, 2017

A Guardian article casts doubt on the power surge claim. Various industry experts are cited. Of interest as well are the comments by readers. It seems BA’s recent history is peppered with systems outages

The extract that follows is from the 2016 BA Annual Report Operational Risks Review, the annual report can be found here.

Failure of a critical IT system
BA is dependent on IT systems for many of its principal business processes. The failure of a key system may cause significant disruption to operations and result in lost revenue. System controls, disaster recovery and business continuity arrangements exist to mitigate the risk of a critical system failure.
Cyber attack
Financial loss, disruption or damage to brand reputation arising from an attack on our systems by criminals, terrorists or foreign governments. A Group Cyber Security Governance Board reviews the Group IT security strategy, cyber risk initiatives and considers advice from industry experts with group wide initiatives to enhance defences and response plans. Whilst BA ensures it is up to date with industry standards and addresses identified weaknesses, the fast moving nature of this risk means that a level of vulnerability will always be retained.

It seems to Adam that more has yet to emerge in regards to this IT failure. One question might asked is whether BA’s focus on cost cutting has led to failure to invest properly in systems and their integrity.

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