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Comrades Jezza and Angry


From Daily Telegraph

Mr Corbyn was poorly prepared for his interview with Emma Barnett on Woman’s Hour, and was caught out by the very first question, despite it being a straightforward inquiry about the cost of the policy he had gone on the programme to promote.

Asked how much it would cost to provide universal free childcare for children aged two to four, he said: “Erm, it will cost, erm. It will obviously cost a lot to do so, we accept that.”

Pressed by Barnett, he said: “I’ll give you the figure in a moment…can we come back to that?”

He started fiddling with his iPad and flicking through the Labour manifesto looking for the figure, but over the course of the next three and a half minutes he was unable to provide a costing.

From Dominion Post

Labour leader Andrew Little’s iPad-assisted first speech was a tame and lame affair, which wound up before its allotted time.

His response to Joyce’s Budget and then this from the same article by Vernon Small

In an interview with Susie Ferguson on Radio NZ – that he consistently seems to fluff – he got down into the weeds, discussing small groups who would miss out or get less than others, rather than concentrating on Labour’s main attack theme – that the Budget increased inequality and put far too much into tax cuts and far too little into income support at lower levels.

Note Small’s negativity

Interesting that Jezza and Angry both needed i-Pads to assist their car-crash. Then both fluff, to be kind, their radio interviews with flagship programmes.

These numpties want to be PM. God Save the Queen and God  Defend New Zealand!

Increasingly Jezza and Angry seem to be channeling one and another.

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