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Some US Vox Pop reactions to Trump’s Paris ‘covfefe’



The president’s decision today is short-sighted and not based on objective reality. This will not bring back jobs from the 20th century; it will not save this country money; it will not strengthen our power and influence in the world; and the agreement is not some Globalist conspiracy designed to rip-off the American tax-payer. It will, however, make it more difficult for American businesses to be competitive in the 21st century; It will help make the environmental and geopolitical effects of climate change more costly; and if we turn inward, others will lead; in the end, the American tax-payer will pay more.

It’s may be true that, technically, the Paris Agreement was largely symbolic: there is no way to actually enforce it. But symbols are important, and the Paris agreement was only meant to be a foundation to build upon. Walking away from the agreement is a step backwards.

I did not vote for this; a majority of American did not vote for this. The social contract I signed up for does not include nationalism and tribalism. American democracy is broken. It’s time we reform our electoral process.

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