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Trump withdraws USA from Paris Accord


As long foreshadowed Trump has taken the USA out of the Paris Accord on Climate Change.

This decision has a large number of ramifications which we will consider in other posts.

Below are the video of his remarks, followed by a transcript of his speech

Trump_Paris_Transcript, please note this is absent the annotation referred to in the introduction.

  1. Paranormal permalink
    03/06/2017 21:56

    I understand his reason to pull out is that the Paris agreement is bad for USofA. It will cost jobs and loads of cash. And he’s right in that respect. Climate Change is the lefts holy grail of transferring the Wests wealth to ‘poorer’ nations.

    Was it $2billion the US was due to pay under the Paris accord in the first two years? That sounds like a really good saving. Particularly when they’re trillions in debt already.


  2. Paranormal permalink
    02/06/2017 20:12

    I would hold my nose and vote for the blue socialist Nats if they’d promise to pull out of all the climate change nonsense. With Mr Mediocre in charge there’s not much chance of that.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      02/06/2017 20:55

      A major concern is that his reasoning is specious. Plus he treats every issue as transactional which is unrealistic with regards to geo=politics.Whatever you think of climate change, and I am a sceptic, this is not a New York real estate deal.


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