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The oaf in the White House


John Cassidy in The New Yorker on how Trump has made May’s election problematical:

“I think Donald Trump was wrong in the things he has said about Sadiq Khan,” she said. In the aftermath of the London Bridge attack, she went on, the government had worked with Khan and put party politics aside to insure an effective response. Loud clapping almost drowned out her final words.

That tells you something. In a campaign that has been dominated by Brexit, Corbyn’s stronger-than-expected performance, and, in the past few days, domestic security, the controversy over Trump’s tweets is unlikely to affect the result. But, regardless of which party wins on Thursday, criticizing the oaf in the White House will continue to be an applause line.

Clearly in the UK even in front of a Tory audience Trump is unpopular.

He is ignorant, boorish, a liar, a blowhard and a fantasist. He has no policy other than promoting Trump and enriching himself. The USA should be ashamed. USA voters seem to have no morality by electing this fascist, lover of thugs and dictators. The USA has forfeited any claim to be a world leader by putting this idiot in power. By electing Trump US voters have increased the likelihood of nuclear war.

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