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UK Election: Times of London reports May leads Corbyn



Despite wide variations in recent polls, The Times reports Tories should win

The Conservatives have taken a seven-point lead over Labour as voters head to the polls, according to the final survey of the election campaign.

If borne out by votes, the result means that Theresa May can expect to return to Downing Street tomorrow with a majority of almost 50 seats, up from 17. The YouGov/Times poll showed a late dip in support for Labour. It put the Tories on 42 per cent, unchanged since Friday, Labour on 35 per cent, down three points, the Liberal Democrats on 10 per cent, up one, and Ukip on 5 pr cent, up one.

However until we get the results Adam will be concerned. The polls have been all over the place; furthermore May has been a very poor campaigner.

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