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Slavegate #4 Media Bias Part 2


The lack of coverage of Slavegate -aka known as Matt McCarten’s screw-up – or as the Labour Interns affair by the MSM is absolutely appalling. Time and time again the media in NZ claim they are anointed by God to hold politicians and their minions to account. Time and time again their hold to account is selective and disproportionately focused on National as opposed to Labour.

The Labour interns issue has received relatively poor coverage as opposed to the unknown column inches and broadcast minutes devoted to L’affaire Barclay. Frankly Barclay is being treated as if he was Dreyfus and cast out from society as a pariah.

Patrick Gower of Mediaworks has appointed himself as judge, jury and executioner. He has drawn up the tumbril outside the Beehive and is preparing to transport Bill English to his place of execution in Lambton Quay where the tricoteuses await led by Lisa Owen, Katie Bradford and Andrea Vance. Robespierre (Little), and the little Napoleon of the Far North are egging him and his crew of vultures on.

Yet we still await full details. Yes Barclay has been inept, yes English appears to have bumbled and stumbled, but as to major crimes deserving of this disproportionate response – nothing as yet.

On the other hand, Little, Kirton, Ardern, McCarten and the Labour Party and multiple apparatchiks have been involved in a very dubious scheme to use unpaid foreign labour, recruited under very murky arrangements as regards funding, visas and compliance with electoral aw – to campaign for Labour. All this at a time when Labour is railing against using foreign workers for low-paid drudge work, saying all must get a living wage and demanding Kiwis first. Yet where are the MSM in this. Strangely very, very quiet. There has been some limited coverage, but none of the foaming at the mouth we have seen from leading journos re Barclay.

Time for the MSM to consider whether they are truly fulfilling the role of the Fourth Estate or that of shills, partisan shills for Labour and The Greens.

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