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Can’t organise the proverbial pissup in a brewery

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Apparently Trump’s entourage failed to book hotel space in Hamburg for Trump and his entourage. Yet the G20 has been on other leaders agendas for months. Just how incompetent do you have to be to accomplish this fiasco?

When President Trump lays his head to rest tonight in Hamburg, Germany, he will reportedly be doing so in a government-owned guesthouse. That wasn’t his first choice, but after the White House was unable to find a ritzy Hamburg hotel to host him, it was Trump’s best option.

It’s unclear if Trump encountered so many “no vacancy” signs because his team is disorganized or because he’s reviled. BuzzFeed blames staffers who got a late start booking Trump’s travel plans. By the time they began searching for hotels in Hamburg, all the rooms were booked.

Oh Dear!! It appears that part of the problem is that many up-market hotels in Germany just do not want the problems that come with hosting Trump and the disruption associated with him being there. After all would you want him staying with you?

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