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The Nation – TV3 – 15/07/2017 – (1)


TV3’s The Nation is often irritating. Indeed, Patrick Gower’s relentless drive to change the government is ore than that. It borders on the obsessive. Yet on occasion it rises above this and provides some real gems to consider.

Today was one of those days.

First up was Lisa Owen’s interview with Meteria Turei.  Now Ms Turei is billed as the NZ Greens Co-leader. Yet watch the interview – you will need to visit the Tv3 website for this as Adam has not found a You Tube clip. (will update if one appears) Now on TV3 web-site.

Throughout Turei talks about ‘I’ and my role, my vote, my party. To Adam it seemed that Turei sees herself as The Greens Leader. Clearly James Shaw does not seem to rank in her thinking. Though to be fair to Turei does he rank in anybody else’s?

As usual with Turei at the end of the session you are left with the feeling that she has no principles other than to change the government and lead us to a nirvana of progressive government. Whatever that might mean, other than a descent into Venezuelan despair.

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