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Comment for Today – 16/07/2017



From an article in The Economist on how the Founders might have regarded the Trump family

This is a comment in the thread of reader comment following the article

There’s always been an irreconcilable dichotomy at the heart of the USA. Its Constitution was the creation of thoughtful intelligent men but its population has comprised mostly the offspring of uneducated heedless peasant stock. It’s like putting a supercomputer into the hands of a special needs hamster. Unsurprisingly the results have not been edifying.

Trump and his family are merely the symptoms of a system of self-governance that is hopelessly unfit for purpose. Trumpty occupies the White House because an enormous number of voters aren’t very bright and because the GoP sees its own “triumph” as the highest possible cause. Who cares if the USA itself is irreparably damaged? What counts is that “our team” has won!

It’s rather interesting to live during the collapse of the world’s largest empire. But it’s not an experience that can give one much hope for the future of our species. And it’s clear there’s no hope whatsoever for the USA.

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