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Q&A and The Nation both interview Winston Peters


This weekend NZ First (Winston’s cargo cult) held its election year convention  in Manukau. Naturally both TVNZ’s Q&A and TV3’s The Nation both interviewed Winston Peters. Apologies but can only link to the videos as not available to embed.

In many respects both interviews were classic Peters. Peters deflected as per normal. He was alternately pleasant, smarmy and latterly snarly. On first viewing Adam’s take is that Peters did a reasonable job of slapping down Paddy Gower -_TV3 -, but Corin Dann – TVNZ – did somewhat better. In the Q&A session Peters seemed to become quite personal and vindictive. He probably revealed more than he intended of the ‘real’ Peters.

In both interviews he blustered and treated his questioners with disdain and by implication the audience.

One little gem was when, in the session with Corin Dann, Peters criticised PM Bill English for spending from the Leader’s budget in reaching a settlement with a staff member in the so called Barclay scandal, whilst blithely ignoring his own chequered past when it comes to spending taxpayer funds.

Like Trump, Erdogan and Duterte Peters focuses on his base. For them his every word is a tablet received from the Guardians of the Universe.( In Peters case the world obtaining in the late 1970s and early 1980s.) You can see Rob Muldoon’s ghost perched on Winston’s shoulders murmuring ‘the truth as Rob saw it’ in Peters ear.

Interviews with Peters continue to reveal how NZ lacks a quality inquisitor who could get past the bluster and obtain proper answers from our politicians. Oh for the NZ equivalent of a David Frost in his heyday, Ludovic Kennedy,or Robin Day, Jeremy Paxman or even Andrew Marr to name a few. Gower and Dann are nowhere near their league.

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