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From a comments thread on a WAPO article concerning the Trump Jr Russia imbroglio.

This comment seemed particularly apt as it addresses the double standards so prevalent in US politics today

Imagine this fantastic scenario:Along an identical timeline, say Hillary’s team colludes with Russia, and she wins the presidency by Electoral College numbers, while loser Trump gets 3 million more popular votes. Then it comes out that Chelsea Clinton met with a roomful of Russians about getting dirt on Trump.

In this scenario, where would the U.S. be right now in terms of Republican rage and impeachment proceedings? What tonnage of sludge churned out of the Fox “News” sewer would be devoted to screaming about Hillary’s collusion, traitorous activity, and the need to utterly destroy her?

99.99% of Republicans, especially those “Don’t Tread On Me,” chest-beating fanatics, really don’t give a flip about the United States, and what it really stands for. These are the same group of folks who, when engaged in political debate in years past, inevitably went to their go-to fallback argument: “If you don’t like America, why don’t you just move to Russia?”

Now, the ultra-alt-far-white-right loves Putin, a KGB leg-breaker who’s been in office 17 years. Dissidents in Russia have been routinely imprisoned, shot, poisoned, thrown from high-rise windows. Russian news media is either directly state-owned, or contracted to businesses with strong government ties. (Imagine if all cable news stations here were Fox.) This is what excites today’s Republicans: the prospect of ruling unopposed and unhindered.

To those fans of Trump who imagine he’s a tough guy, the “strict daddy” that America needs, and overlook his above-the-law attitude and his monumental failure at being a decent human being…to them, I finally ask, “If you don’t like America, why don’t you move to Russia?”


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