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Self confessed fraudster speaks


Metiria Turei – Green Party Leader – List MP – lawyer – self confessed fraudster, benefit cheat, liar and possibly a serial tax evader seeks to justify her behaviour on Radio NZ this morning. Naturally her medium of choice was Red Radio and ‘interviewer’ Guyon Espiner

Some key quotes from the interview:-

She told Morning Report’s Guyon Espiner that the welfare system drives people to make terrible choices, and she was one of them.

Mrs Turei said life was such a struggle she decided not to tell Work and Income she had flatmates helping pay the rent, because her benefit would be cut.

“If I tell my story about having to choose between lying to WINZ (Work and Income) about how many flatmates I had and paying the rent, I think we open up the conversation to say ‘why should any mother have to do that just to make sure she can do well for her kids?’.

She went on to say:-

If there was an investigation she said “of course” she would pay the money back.

NOTE:- not an unequivocal undertaking, but only if, if WINZ investigate. Appalling!

She said instead of removing the money, case workers would be assigned to people who failed to, for example, seek work.

“So that case workers are working specifically with that person to figure out what is the best for their life course.

“It might be getting a job, it might be going into more training and getting more education like it was for me, it might be just as a solo mum she needs to spend time with her kids and parent her kids.”

So now not working at all and not seeking work and lying will be acceptable. This disgrace masquerading as a politician cloaks herself in a shield of sanctimony and expects others to pay for irresponsible behaviours.

Of course Espiner was sympathetic, no doubt John Campbell this evening will laud Turei for her brave and principled act. Pshaw!!


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