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Media Worms turn on Green Slug (2)


Well it seems that Turei has engendered a large backlash from the MSM luvvies. Clearly they sense that her actions are not aiding the cause.

Yesterday as Adam noted Patrick Gower had flown the coop.

In addition, Adam quoted Tim Beveridge here.

The blowback continues.

For example Rosemary Macleod, DominionPost, a reliable luvvie and leftie was not exactly enthused:-

We now know that Turei, as a 22-year-old solo mother, received the DPB and a grant to study for a law degree – which sounds pretty generous to me – while not admitting she lived with people who were sharing the rent, which means she conceivably got an accommodation allowance on top of her basic benefit.

She admits she was helped by her own family as well as her child’s father’s family, but says she couldn’t get by on that. So Turei took money from working people, through their taxes, who were probably no better off than she was. I can’t detect heroism in that.

It seems to Adam that Turei may in fact be seeking martyrdom. Perhaps she sees herself as a jihadist for welfare largesse. After all she was a professed anarchist and perhaps still is. More likely Turei just continues to be a self serving sanctimonious idiot.

Then Vernon Small, a reliable Labour supporter:-

Her biggest problem is the way she has disclosed her actions, without remorse, and timing it to coincide with a major policy release.

Had she arranged to pay the money back six months or a year ago – or preferably sooner – she might have been able to use her own history as an illustration of why the benefit cuts in the Mother of all Budgets in 1991 were punitive and wrong (and had become more punitive since then). Or that the current regime needed urgent reform.

But instead she has been forced to double down: on how she was justified in lying, on the responsibilities of MPs, and apparently approving of others who are doing now what she did then. That (echoes of anarchy) they should make their own rules.

In short, it’s less about what she did then, and all about what she is doing now.

Turei no doubt believes strongly in what she is saying, but there is equally no doubt it was a calculated play, a cry from the populist pulpit, not some sort of blinkered political blundering.

The questions are why, and to what end?

It has been deeply polarising and disruptive. And no-one – maybe not even those turned off politics and feeling marginalised – can be in any doubt about the Greens’ policy.

Similarly, anyone looking for an iconoclastic game-changer that throws sand in the political gears – along the lines of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the United States – now doesn’t need to look much further than Turei and the Greens for a New Zealand for-instance.

Small concludes:-

Labour should budget for a loss of voters to NZ First in protest at the close relationship Labour has with that party.

Probably a net loss for Labour looks the most likely.

Clearly Turei’s ‘confession’ has been disruptive. But Small is right, why now? Does Turei wish to be a martyr? Does she have a wish to not be other than an anarchic fringe politician? Or is she just a very cynical and manipulative egotist?

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