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Passchendaele – Third Ypres


The desolate landscape of the battlefield


100 years ago one of the bloodiest battles of WW1 began – Passchendaele or Third Battle of Ypres or Wipers as my grandfather and other Tommies called it.

Passchendaele according to the historians began 31 July 1917 and finished 10 November 1917. It has long been a campaign embroiled in controversy. There are many differing views. Even today the arguments still continue as to the ‘wisdom’ of the campaign and the strategies employed.

On a human level the costs were huge on both sides. Casualty estimates have long been disputed but it seems that around a quarter of a million casualties were incurred on each side.

There is a good source of background from the UK Imperial War Museum

The IWM material includes this podcast

The IWM collection includes many photographs which graphically depict the appalling conditions.


The above photo is from the Australian War Memorial Collection and is by Frank Hurley.

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