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POTUS encourages police brutality


Just when you think the tragedy unfolding in the US cannot get worse, the mental midget that a deluded US public elected does this:-

What makes this even worse is that many in the audience applauded and cheered this appalling apology for a human being.

Some months ago Adam thought the idea that Trump was a potential fascist dictator  was bizarre. Now Adam is not so sure.

More and more his ‘rallies’ resemble those Hitler staged at Nuremberg. For example this one, and his ‘speech’ to the Boy Scouts and his rally in Ohio.

He lies, he has no conception of the law and he betrays all moral underpinnings of society. He has on no rational basis lived up to or even approached the undertakings in his oath of office.

Never in Adam’s life has he ever heard a politician advocate police brutality, except for George Wallace way back in the 1960s.

Trump is a blot on humanity and the USA has lost all moral credence until he is gone. Clearly whatever Putin paid him, it was worth it as the USA crumbles before our eyes.


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