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NZ Media goes full Ardern


The anointing of Jacinda Ardern continues. The majority of the NZ media have reacted as if it was the Second Coming. To read some of the rubbish written today it is as if Christ had risen and was walking amongst us. With the added advantage that he was now a she.

Every hour Adam has expected to read about those who touched the hem of her jacket had been cured of any desire to vote for Winston or The Greens. Tomorrow it is likely that we hear that she cures cancer and AIDS.

The media needs to get a grip.

We need a better analysis of the situation than we get from the leftie luvvies fawning over this show pony.

It seems that her major claim to fame is that she once headed an international youth organisation. Whoopsie doo! That really qualifies her for what? Some 9 years in Parliament and she really has achieved nothing, nada, zilch.

It is said that countries get the governments they deserve. If Ardern leads the next government just what sins did we commit to get this?

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