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Media still in full Ardern mode


There can no longer be any doubt that the majority of NZ Media are full out to ensure a change of government on September 23.

They have gone orgasmic over Jacinda Ardern. She is now Jacinda with no surname. She is a Saint if not the Messiah. The oceans of sycophantic fawning by the media with The DomPost, Patick Gower, Katie Bradford and NZ Herald in the forefront is vomit inducing.

The so called Fourth Estate has abjectly caved to what increasingly looks like a very well orchestrated coup by Ardern’s puppetmasters.

The rapidity with which decisions have been made and the changes in posture, coupled with the announcement of major donations and numbers of volunteeers  all points to this.

On that basis, one is inclined to the view that nothing Ardern has said in the past can be relied upon as being the truth. In turn this calls into question any statements she may make now.

Yet as usual in NZ we will see no questioning from the almost universally compliant media. Indeed any who speak out in anyway are immediately vilified.

The NZ media are more like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth than a free media.



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