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Gower spins for the left, yet again


Patrick Gower presents Turei, the self-confessed serial fraudster, as having been self sacrificing and throwing herself under the proverbial bus.

Far from it. Turei’s statement showed no remorse, no sense of anything other than entitlement.

Gower wrote:-

Turei has given her heart and soul to the Green movement. She was hurting the Left. With Ardern in charge it has the best chance in years to win – and Turei was a distraction to that.

Turei​ has sacrificed her dream of becoming a Cabinet Minister to help the Green dream of getting to government. She will forever be revered by her people for that.​

What absolute tosh. Gower is worshipping at the feet of the Blessed Jacinda and to aid his goddess he has now beatified the lying fraudster who co-leads the Green Party, who are now the party of liars, thieves and fraudsters.


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